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Ayurvedic Hair Oil: Why and How to Use it



Ayurvedic Hair Oil

The tradition of oiling our hair is a really long one and it is one that continues almost unchanged even today. We may oil it less frequently than our grandma suggested, but we do know that we need to oil the hair now and then. What has changed is the ease with which we can use the messaging oil and the many formulations we can lay our hands on.

The change comes with the advance in manufacturing processes and marketing. Thanks to Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers all we need to do is pick up a bottle from the nearest grocery store. Pour out the oil and apply! Where our ancestors did most of the hard work themselves, we are spoilt for choice.

Ingredients used in Ayurvedic hair oils
Ayurveda recommends a whole host of herbs to be used in hair oils. The herbs include amla, Gammbhari, Aprajita, Bringaraj, Jatamansi, Nirgundi, Pudina, Shankpusphi, Neem, Kapur and Brahmi. The herbs are boiled in the carrier oil which can be sesame oil, almond oil, coconut oil, neem seed oil, brahmi or amla oil.

The herbs are slowly boiled in the oil and strained. Their inclusion gives the oil a pleasant smell, while also imparting their unique properties — from halting the greying of hair to making it soft. In Ayurveda the type of oil used depends on the person’s doshas. Formulations were carefully worked out and the oils manufactured as per need.

However, today you can do this in a far easier manner. Just check out an Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturer! Most manufacturers today make oils according to the three doshas of Ayurveda — vata, pitta and kapha. If this is too confusing, just check the labels. The formulation and type of hair is clearly specified. However, some manufacturers may also have an all-hair-type oil that can be used on any kind of hair.

Coconut oil:
This is perhaps the most widely used hair oil in India and it is easy to see why! It prevents dandruff, nourishing damaged hair, while also acting as a conditioner and coolant. In the mostly hot conditions found in our country, coconut oil acts as an excellent coolant. However, if you do want to use it when the temperature drops, just warm it slightly.

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Almond oil:
It is rich in calcium, Vit E, and magnesium — all instrumental in hair growth. This makes almond oil ideal for people with hair fall or thinning hair problem. It also gives the hair a lustrous look. It is also used along with other oils like coconut oil.

Sesame oil:
This is a highly recommended oil in Ayurveda. Use of sesame oil can slow greying, halt hair loss, dandruff, while making it strong and long. It is also advocated for a sound sleep at night! Sesame oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, protecting the hair from damaging chemicals.

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Neem seed oil:
It is not only rich in Vit E, it also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This makes it ideal for nourishment and growth of hair. It also makes it effective against dandruff. In fact, in Ayurveda neem is highly recommended for its medicinal properties.

Brahmi oil:
Usually used along with another carrier oil, brahmi oil is considered great for strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss. It is also a very effective coolant.

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How to best use Ayurvedic hair oils
Fortunately, we do not actually have to extract the above oils ourselves. All you have to do is buy the right bottle! Twice a week hair oiling regimen is considered sufficient for most people. If you are applying the oil daily, a small quantity will do. Remember, too much oil everyday can also backfire.

Ideally one should apply the oil in the night. Massage the scalp with the oil so that it is completely absorbed. A head bath with warm water is sufficient. If you want bit of a hair spa treatment, wrap your hair in a warm towel (you can dip it in warm water and then rinse it out) for 30 mins. After this you can shampoo your hair to ensure that the oil is washed out.

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We recommend natural shampoos for best results. Many Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers also offer Ayurvedic shampoos. With these simple to follow hair care regime, we promise healthy, nourished strong hair!

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3 Totally Unbiased Reasons as To Why You Should Visit Portugal




Have you been around some popular European destinations this season? Many Road-trippers are so much obsessed with theirwish list that they are almost done with their dream journey that entails; UK, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you are visited all the destinations mentioned, it’s time to astound yourself with another exotic spot. How about paying a visit to Portugal? Don’t tell me you overlooked it somehow and didn’t have it on our travel bucket list.

Make sure that you be fair enough with yourself and your passion towards travelling and exploring new places in this world. Portugal is a country where you can spend the morning surfing awesome waves with the snowy slopes skiing down in the afternoon. With centuries-old cities and castles, Portugal allows you to hike up a 7,000ft tall peak. And please don’t ask about the world’s best kept culinary secrets, it’s so amazing that I am speechless. Many tourists have been so much inspired with this place that they intend to apply for the Citizenship through investment as well.

Let’s make it more factual and less texturally ornamented through some facts about Portugal. So let’s dig in;

Pastéis de Nata
Honestly, Portugal is pretty good at stimulating your taste buds with tremendous yum and appetites. The pastéis de nata have taken the prize for the most delicious pastries in this entire region. Astonishingly yet obviously, only five people in the world know the actual recipe for these scrumptious egg-cream tarts. You can enjoy these in Lisbon. The best ones are also waiting for you at Pastéis de Belém (in Belém) and at Manteigaria (in Largo do Camões).

Countless Ancient Castle
What’s more enticing than being able to see the past in its original form? Did you know that it’s the ancient land forms that make the archeologists have intent to apply for the Citizenship through investment in this country? Ironically, Portugal has had the same borders since the 11th century. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s known to be one of the oldest countries in Europe. Undoubtedly, this country has most of the history beautifully preserved. Tourist can easily roam around the centuries-old castles as well as historical sites all over the country. Guimarães is the place where the first king of Portugal’s was born.

Gorgeous Beaches
With over 100 beaches located in Algarve, you’ll also find some cynosure beaches at the country’s west coast like Figueirinha and Comporta. The water here is a little colder and it should be since you are bathing on the Atlantic Ocean. But this cold is acceptable if it’s gives you a romantic pink-&-orange sunset that you happen to have with your beloved one right on the ocean.

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In a nutshell, Portugal is surely a beautiful country with an amazing food, picturesque scenery and a plethora of historical treasures. Ironically, what truly sets it apart and what keeps on inspiring travelers that they wish to come back again is the hospitality of the locals. People in Portugal simply love hosting people and making new friends.

Are you planning a visit to Portugal this season? Just check out this article now and discover more about this beautiful place.

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6 Tips to Looking Your Best in Wedding Pictures



Wedding Pictures

When it comes to wedding days, we want to look out best. We yearn to sport a beatific smile with silky hairs flowing all over to dazzle the guests at the event. Being a big day in life, we try everything to be at our sartorially best and flaunt a unique style to the world. After all, there will tons of photos with every camera focusing on the bridge, her looks, demeanour and sense of style. You can smile your want to some really great wedding photos and surely make the heads roll.

You can do a few things to look your best in wedding photos. They may include –

1- Have a hair trial
By the time the wedding day arrives, you must have taken a hair and make-up trial to sort a lot of details out. In doing so, you get assured of looking the best or looking what you deem the best. You can try out different combinations and styles before the big day so that you know what hair style comes off good on you.

2- Trial your make-up well in advance
Any botched-up job with the makeup can ruin your wedding photos in a big way. Whatever make-up you wear has to contrast well with the camera flash to produce desired results. Plus, you can check in advance whether the make-up is adversely impacting your complexion and facial hues. With proper trials before the wedding day, you can sort out any issues and get ready to deliver perfect snaps.

3- Learn the classic red-carpet pose
Posing like a diva or model is something you need to practice for well before the big day. You can get right that classic red-carpet pose to have perfect wedding pictures. The focus should be on keeping the body at an angle bringing the best out of the body and face. You can try out different versions in advance and remain ready to pose with confidence.

4- Choose the best location in the house
Not all places can capture the best in you. So, you need to check and find the spot that can reflect the best of you. The background often has a big impact on the photos and you need to choose the one that is sync with the makeup and bridal dress. This is how best wedding photos can be clicked in an effortless manner.

5- Learn to connect and engage with the camera
This is for those camera-shy ladies who have everything going in favour except the coyness to flash light. You have to present a confident persona which is only possible when you decide to connect and engage with the camera. The eyes have to appear larger, the body posture straight and the face ever-smiling to get great picks.

6 – Sport your pearly white smile
What if your teeth and gums are not beautiful? Well, you can consult a cosmetic dentist in Delhi and get smile designed. You can remove all problems of the teeth and make them look dazzlingly white and charming to ensure best wedding pics.

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Is Van Life Right For You?



Van Life Style

Finding ways to live the life that you want and the way that you want is important in discovering a life that you’re happy with. Tradition tells us that we should get a two story home with a picket fence and have a ton of kids and go to church. However, that’s not what most people want out of life and there are subcultures that are taking off of people who are getting away from the lives that other people set out for them. Making their own way and seeing the world is the van life subculture. They rock old vans, take beautiful photos, and spend multiple nights sleeping under the stars in a new city every week. Is this life right for you? Keep reading to find out.

First and foremost, you should know that living in a van or RV is not easy. Not only do you have to worry about gas, and mechanical issues, but going to the bathroom, cleaning out your toilet tank and making sure that everything goes smoothly with where you’re staying. There are a ton of issues that come up for those living on the road, but you must want it more than you worry about the issues. This is the most important thing about living on the road and sleeping in a van. You want to make sure that it’s something that you love doing, and can imagine seeing yourself working towards, even though it may not be all sunshine and mountains every single day.

Although there are a ton of different options when it comes to the kind of van or RV that you will be travelling in, you should make the decision based off your own personal needs and wants, your abilities, and your family size. This is important to consider and not take too lightly, because if you don’t have the knowledge to fix mechanical issues, you don’t have enough room for you and your family, and you don’t have the money for constant upgrades or the restrictions on huge vans, you want to make sure that you make the right decision. This can take a lot of planning, and finding the right vehicle for you and your family but it’s essential in making sure that you have the best time on the road.

The next thing that most people concern themselves with when they begin living on the road is the renovations that your vehicle may need. When it comes to getting a camper, the majority of low cost options out there are usually outdated and not great looking. When you look for a van the most important thing that you can worry about is the mechanical features working well. Many people design their own interior for their van, and put in everything that they would like.

The next issue that may come up when it comes to living in a van is that of a job. Though you may not be wearing Stuart Weitzman to the office every day, you very well could, or you could find a freelance position that you could do on your wifi enabled vehicle, or your favorite coffee shops. This is important, because although it may seem to other people like it’s very inexpensive, living out of a van can get incredibly expensive if you’re not paying close attention to gas, and other things.

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