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Air classifier manufacturer is a machine which is used to separate the materials physically i.e. by the combination of size, shape, and density. It works by injecting the material stream which is to be stored in a chamber containing a column of rising air. Inside the chamber of separation, the air which is dragged on the objects supplies a force in an upward direction and lift the material to be sorted up in the air. The objects in the moving air column are sorted in vertical and then can be separated in this way. There is a huge demand for air classifier, hence, there are a big number of Air Classifier Manufacturers in India.

Air classifier is commonly used in industrial processes in which a large volume of mixed materials having different physical characteristics which are needed to be separated quickly and efficiently. Some features of air classifiers are:

  • Air classifier has all steel construction
  • It has air chamber observation windows
  • Air classifier has uniform air distribution
  • Air classifier have also only two bearings
  • It has large access doors
  • Air classifier increases mill production rate
  • It has no gears
  • Air classifier has single or double spinner blades
  • It also has large feed opening
  • It has variable speed drives
  • Air classifier have lower separator power requirements
  • It also has steeper cones for the faster discharge
  • Air classifier have a highly efficient recovery rate of fine product
  • Air classifier have the motor which can be mounted horizontally or vertically

It is basically designed to separate particulate materials in the air flow for obtaining fine powders. The air classifiers are used in many industries such as building materials, ceramics, abrasives, powder metallurgy, chemical and other. All the main parts of air classifiers are secured with a welded frame. These air classifiers play a major role as it works on very sensitive items.

Different Types of Air Classifiers and It’s Benefits

There are different air classifiers available in market and they are used for different industrial applications to fulfill different objectives. In this article, we will focus on three major categories and how they are helpful for your business.

The design of air classifier contains separating wheel, the shaft which is mounted in a bearing block. A motor through a belt drive drives the separating wheel, dispersed material that should be classified by entering air classifier through the grate of charging then classified material discharged through discharging grate with the air flow. Then from the walls of the conical hopper, large particles fall down into the nozzle named as discharging nozzle for a coarse friction which is equipped with the valve named as discharging valve.

Advantages of air classifier:

  • Compact size
  • Reliability
  • Long life
  • Cost saving
  • High level of separation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain

Above are some advantages of the air classifier. Air classification provides the most effective and efficient means for separating the product from the dusting product for the dry materials which are small in size. This is how a huge marketplace has been set up in the industry by the Air Classifier Manufacturer in India and they are not only serving some of the most required products but also earning good profits and providing employment to many families from various parts of the country.

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