Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Partition

shower partitions

An attractive home requires premium decorative surfaces, panel doors, kitchen, and bathroom accessories. The kitchen and bathroom fittings have to be top grade as the residents require water, hygienic surroundings, and privacy. Sanitary products, bathtubs, taps, showers, and shower partitions enhance the beauty of interior spaces, and promote fashionable and healthy lifestyles. Glass cubicles and shower partitions perform an effective and highly essential function of separating the dry and wet areas inside your home.

There are different types of shower partitions such as shower screens, free standing divider glass, etched glass shower panels, designer frosted glass, sliding glass door enclosures, etc., The partitions are also manufactured in different sizes and shapes such as square, rectangular, oval, circular, neo-angle, and quarter round. Leading brands such as Jaguar, Saint Gobain, Dorma, Laminex, etc., offer a fabulous range of shower enclosures, shower screens, curtains, and other sanitary accessories. The upcoming brands also offer high quality toilet cubicles, urinal dividers, shower enclosures, change room partitions, and lockers in designer styles.

The glass partitions, shower boxes and sanitary enclosures are manufactured using glass, plastic, aluminium, and steel for long lasting performance. Style and health conscious consumers can go check the following advantages and disadvantages of sanitary installations –

Advantages Of Shower Partitions

Rapid urbanization has created space constraints, and smaller apartments or flats have no option but to optimize available space. Shower partitions and glass cubicles occupy limited space and they are highly suited for homes with small interior space.

Water attracts mosquitoes, flies, insects, harmful bacteria, and other contaminating microorganisms. Shower partitions are very effective in separating the wet and dry areas inside the home, and this is an essential health requirement for keeping away germs. A good installer provides sufficient top and bottom gaps to facilitate air and light ventilation. This feature also prevents water and dust from clogging inside the shower cubicle or on the glass walls.


Finest Materials
Shower partitions use high quality aluminium, stainless steel, compact grade solid laminates, toughened glass, fabricated spider glaze, and other robust material. The installations include polished hinges, designer modules, glass connectors, chrome finish stabilizers, towel bars, and semi-framed or frameless plastic parts. A combination of sleekness and sturdiness are the hallmark of shower cubicles.

Modern jobs and urban lifestyles are hectic and people have very little time on hands. Showers are an excellent alternative to traditional baths and tubs that require considerable preparation for heating and mixing aromatic powders for soap bubbles.


In addition to high end luxury brands, The sanitary market offers a wide range of fantastic cubicles and partition systems for the budget conscious consumers. The products and accessories are affordable and the designer material offers good value for money in terms of performance and style.

Modern businesses and consumers are environment conscious and the sanitary products also live up to their expectations. The shower partitions adhere to Green standards and the installations also offer eco-friendly ventilation and hygiene.

Low Maintenance
Unlike traditional tiled bathrooms, The shower partitions do not accumulate grime, dust, or dirt on the walls. Even children can easily operate the cubicle doors and shower curtains without any hassles.


Disadvantages of Shower Partitions

Shower partitions have very attractive appearance, but unfortunately they are not an efficient solution for large bathrooms. Customers who prefer open and wider bathroom space would consider a glass cubicle as an unnecessary addition.

Installation Works
A glass partition for showers has to be installed by a professional team without damaging the existing bathroom fittings. Fresh installations require additional plumbing for new pipelines and this renovation dissuades some customers.


Wear and Tear
Shower cubicles rely on hinges and railing mechanism for moving the glass doors shower and screens. Over a period of time these installations malfunction due to wear and tear, and the partition becomes unusable till repair works are finished.

Physical Constraints
Some people are claustrophobic, and they do not like staying in enclosed and small spaces. Shower partitions are usually very small and they make such people breathless or undergo stifling feelings due to obvious space constraints.

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