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Advance Technologies of Casting Companies



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The other popular name for investment casting is lost wax casting, is a traditional casting process suitable for précised castings worldwide. Today, plenty of casting companies love to use investment casting process for manufacturing their products. You can also check list of casting companies on-line available near you. Investment casting is usually preferred for thin wall and complex metal castings. The process assures accuracy, precision, required shape and designs.

Process followed by casting companies:

The process starts by mold creation that has similar shape as finished product. The mold is usually created using different types of wax that will get melted during casting process. First of all, you have to pour metal into wax mold and allow it getting solid. After solidification, casted metal should be removed away carefully to avoid damage. Take help from casting companies in India to achieve desired shape and thickness. Also discuss about specifications with expert and which raw material is suitable for desired investment casting.


The Mold:

Place the mold inside oven that will melt the wax and one piece mold is obtained finally where you can fill desired metal to obtain final product. Today, experts at certified casting companies in India use computer aided technology for designing accurate and précised molds. The most common examples are aircraft parts, hand tools, ornaments, turbine blades and jewelry.



Here you can use variety of wax to design final casting product. Your specific usage and industrial application will decide type of wax that should be used for your product. The most popular types are:


  • paraffin wax
  • petroleum wax
  • emulsified wax
  • low expansion wax
  • straight pattern wax
  • industrial casting wax
  • wax for making repairs
  • filled pattern wax.


Different types of wax has different melting point and suitable for different industrial applications. To know more on our products, contact expert team of engineers and specialists conducted with casting companies for valuable solutions and information.


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