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7 Reasons: Why FRP Cable Trays Products are Always in Demand?



What is the fuss about FRP material? FRP cable trays manufacturers are greatly dependent on this material as it has a big impact on the business and other industries ranging from construction to theme parks. These materials are far away better and efficient when compared with traditional materials like aluminum, steel and timber.

We Will Discuss The Differences That Make FRP Products Better Choice

#1. Fabrication and Design

The FRP material is super flexible in terms of design.FRP can be customized and easy to tool. Manufacturers use carbon or diamond tip blades for tooling FRP products. There is no requirement of torching or welding. Since the RP components are weightless, it becomes easy to transport and install them. This feature is not available in case of steel or timber products as these materials often require specialized equipment for tooling and installation.

#2. Resilience

FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic based products have hard finish. Manufacturers are capable of providing greater hardness or more resilience in product to their clients on request.

#3. Cost

Though traditional materials are cheaper than FRP, but when you think about longevity, FRP profiles are better as they have lower installation and maintenance cost. Wood is cheaper but its life cycle is low and high in maintenance. Aluminium costs similar to FRP, but when it comes to maintenance part, FRP is a clear winner.

#4. Stiffness

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is up to 3.3 times as stiff as timber and resistant to deformation. So, you can apply the FRP cable trays where load capacity is extreme as they won’t deform or shrink in size and will soon restore their original shape.

#5. Impact Resistance

FRP profiles do not deform permanently or break under extreme load unlike traditional materials.

#6. Anti corrosion, Rot and insect Resistant Product

FRP profiles are favorites of chemical industries as these products have capability to resist more ranges of chemicals and do not respond to moisture or oil. FRP materials are ideal for making protective covering for surfaces where there is risk of oil spillage, chemical corrosion, etc. It also prevents bugs.

The case of aluminum, wood and steel is completely opposite. These materials are prone to corrosion due to moisture and wood/timber attracts bugs. You can use these materials to make interior décor items but when it comes to installation in chemical or corrosive environment, FRP is the best option.

#7. Color

As FRP components are molded, you can get as many as colorful profiles from manufacturers. Their color won’t get faded with time as color can be molded straight during the manufacturing of these products. For traditional materials, you need to buy extra paints and stains and coatings that should be of good quality to resist weather conditions.

These are some solid reasons why FRP Cable Trays Manufacturers have enough clientele for their products. If you have queries related to FRP profiles, contact the manufacturers and avail quotes.

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