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6 Design Ideas to Show that a White Kitchen is Anything But Boring



White Kitchen

Who doesn’t love the color white? Err; apparently many friends of mine don’t really love it. But I am sure they won’t be able to deny the pristine feeling or the elegance of the color. And if you are wondering where this blog about interior design is going with the color white, then let me tell you, I am going to talk about decorating a white kitchen. Are you already frowning and wondering how on earth you will be able to work in such a boring white kitchen? If yes, then I would ask you to bear with me. I am going to tell you about some amazing ideas that will make you realize that white kitchen is anything but boring.

When it comes to elegance and classic appeal, there is no parallel of a white kitchen. If it feels boring, then surely there are ways to break the monotony of the design. But if you are planning a white kitchen in your home, then be rest assured, you will surprise your guests and friends with the stunning choice. Are you wondering what creative ideas can make the white kitchen look stunning? If yes, then read the following points to know more.

Thick Countertops of Contrasting Color
Add a stark contrast with a thick countertop of deeper shade like black stone or cherry shaded countertop. The contrast will create a stunning visual appeal and become a focal point in the kitchen. If you are thinking of attracting the attention of anyone who comes in your kitchen with just one detail, then the contrasting countertop will surely catch the eye of anyone.

Warm Wood
To complete a white kitchen and to get some really useful storage space, obviously, you will be investing in some White Kitchen Cabinets. But what kind of shade you should go for? Instead of adding up to the coldness of the color, opt for warm wood cabinets. This hue is perfect to add a welcoming feeling to your kitchen. After all, your kitchen is not just space where you will be cooking. It is also a place of gathering in your house.


Brass Accent
If you want to add a touch of glamour and sleek accent in your kitchen, then go for brass accent as detailing. Use its shine with the tiled wall and the milk-like white shades of your kitchen. In fact, the accent will create an unmistakable vintage appeal too.

Textured Backsplash
While designing a kitchen and breaking the monotony of it, designers often forget this one unique detail. The backsplash can do wonders to the décor of the kitchen. It can also help you to add some interesting character in your kitchen. Go for textured backsplash and place the lights in the right positions to create the magic.


Color Play
When we are talking about the white kitchen, there is no strict rule that you have to have everything in white. A bit of color play can make your kitchen more warm and cozy. Throw in some color with comfortable cushions or get a bright area rug. A bit of color around will keep the décor playful in the kitchen.

Interesting Flooring
Flooring is often a neglected part of the kitchen. But probably you don’t know about the enormous possibilities it offers when it comes to kitchen décor. Chessboard flooring with black and white tiles can be a classic twist to your modern kitchen. If you are looking for a functional choice, opt for hardwood flooring with contrasting shades.


So, now as you know about these ideas, stop complaining about the boredom of a white kitchen and play with your creativity. You can thank me later! Stay tuned for my next blog on Walnut Cabinets.

Sean Graham is a famous blogger and interior designer. He talks about decorating the white kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinet in this blog. Read his next blog to know about Walnut Cabinets.

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